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one-on-one coaching!
 So...are you losing work because of unwanted speech patterns and dialects? Then, Speech & Diction are the perfect classes for you. It's one-on-one-instruction, so you set your own times and days!

et these highly i
nteractive classes start you vocally on the road to communicate quickly and effectively and help reduce regional accents and faulty pronunciation.

Now's your chance to study privately with master Speech & Media Coach, Stewart Solomon for a package price of six one-hour sessions for $400. Or you can buy a super-saver package of thirteen one-hour sessions for $800. That gives you get one free hour!

The speech cl
asses are not limited to those in the entertainment field. Attorneys, doctors, salespersons and therapists have all found these classes useful in their professions.

•  Speak clearly and effectively
•  Increase confidence
•  Avoid vocal bias
•  Utilize your vocal power

•  Improve communication skills
Easy step-by-step approach

So, don’t be vocally typed. Remember that first impressions count...especially how you sound to others!


Unless you are a mime, everyone (especially actors!) is in the business of speaking. And even though speech should be one of your strongest skills, it is often the most neglected element of your training and education. People who speak well are generally composed and self assured, and can compete for a wide range of jobs and roles. But those who carry the name of their home town in every sound they make are in for some really tough going.

Unacceptable accents and speech patterns can cost you work. You may already suspect that your regional accent or lack of communication skills has "typed" you and adversely affected your choice of jobs or auditions. Like an earthquake, worries about the way you sound can shake and topple your self confidence and that shakiness is immediately communicated to the people who do the hiring or casting. This can make you nervous about pursuing further work.

It's a vicious circle...but you can easily break it with training and practice.

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Special Packages:

Six One-Hour Sessions
Fee: $400

Thirteen One-Hour Sessions
Fee: $800

Enrollment For
Private Speech & Diction Classes
Is Very Limited. Register Now!

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