OCTOBER - 1999

Who: Stewart Solomon

Age: 50

Position: Acting Coach To The Stars. As owner of Creative WorkShops in Aventura, Stewart Solomon teaches wannabe thespians to find their inner child…or whatever else the script calls for. Solomon most recently helped Miami's Gloria Estefan (inset) hold her own opposite screen giant Meryl Streep in Music of the Heart (previously 50 Violins), which opens in theaters this month.

Miami Metro: What is it like to work with Gloria Estefan?

Stewart Solomon: Gloria's approach to the whole thing was to have fun and as a student she has wonderful sense of humor. She was able to grasp everything at a lightning pace. We laughed so much, but we never wasted a minute.

MM: Was she a good student?

SS: Whatever I would tell her to do, she would do. If I told her to read a book, the next day the book was read. She said she really wanted to learn the craft.

MM: Who are some other high profile names you've worked with?

SS: Jon Secada was the first and [singer] Carlos Ponce for some Aaron Spelling auditions. [Solomon's now teaching acting to Deco Drive anchor Belkys Nerey.]

MM: What's the biggest mistake new actors make?

SS: [They] don't separate the business from the craft. They come in with stars in their eyes. Acting involves a lot of background and technique. I think a lot of beginning actors don't understand the value of full training.

MM: What's your advice to actors trying to break into the business?

SS: Their goal should be to become a working actor -  not a star because the statistics are a bit grim that that will happen. But there's always room for talent.

MM: What's the secret to great acting?

SS: It's all about incredible listening and observation skills. It also involves the ability to support another player, to make someone else look good.


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