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Remember: It's Not The Look That Gets The Part, It's The Look That Can Act.

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Creative Workshops, under the direction of Stewart Solomon, is by far South Florida's most beautiful and professional school for acting, movement and speech training. We are certain you will be satisfied with the high quality of service and instruction you will receive there.

If you would like to audit a class or visit the studio, please call in advance to arrange a convenient time and date. There is no charge for this service.

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      Acting Essentials©

Acting Essentials™ is a course for beginning actors and is designed to teach you the basic elements of acting. Utilizing scripts and acting exercises, you will learn exciting techniques that will provide you with flexibility and choices to help you get through those "first time jitters!"

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      Acting With Accents

Try Acting With Accents to enrich your performances with this easy approach to learning dialects and character voices. Nothing will enhance your auditions and ability to interpret a role more! No acting or voice-over student (basic thru advanced) can afford not to take this course.

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      Acting With Styles

Acting With Styles is an intermediate to advanced level series of classes. Anyone who studies the heightened language and complex characterization of the classical theatre can use the skills they develop in all spheres of the entertainment industry. The actors who have built long-lasting careers and have a reputation for versatility are, almost always without exception, stage actors trained in the classics.

While the classically trained actor can use his or her craft to handle everything from stage to film to commercial work, the reverse is not the case...that is, the actor who gets his or her initial break through connections or physical appearance will in a very short time be called upon to demonstrate language or characterization skills or else be relegated to the "pretty face" file.

Experience with language and styles will give you an advantage over other actors who are just "types." Acting With Styles will concentrate on the development of skills while maintaining a supportive ensemble that will encourage students to take a leap into work that will vastly deepen their burgeoning artistry.

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      Acting Skills™

Now entering its fourteenth year, Acting Skills™ is South Florida's longest running ongoing workshop! Held every Saturday from 1:30 - 4:30 p.m., you may enter into this class at any time and your program is designed specifically for you!

Acting Skills™ is an ideal setting for you to develop your craft. Students purchase a "block" of six consecutive classes and have seven weeks in which to complete them. If you are a new to intermediate student, this is the class for you!

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      Actors Bodyshop

The Actors BodyShop™ is a series of workshops designed to help you overcome inhibitions you may have about moving, discover the sources of human movement and learn to organize movement so that you become a more expressive actor.

Courses include:

"Block" Buster©
Combat For Film & Stage
Combat 2002©
The Power of Mask©
The MimeShop
Movement With Style©
Physical Characterization
Voice & Movement

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      Actors DayShop

Are you too busy to make evening or weekend classes? You've just run out of excuses! Now there's the new Actors DayShop

This six weeks class is designed to provide you with effective tools and sound techniques that deal with the essential components of acting and characterization. Utilizing scripts and acting exercises, you will learn craftsmanship that will provide you with flexibility and choices.

If you want to learn the art of acting and are prepared for some no-nonsense workouts, this is the course for you!

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      Actors ProShop

Actors ProShop™ is an advanced level class that will provide you with sound technique required of today's professional actor. Be prepared for some "real world" critiques and training you need for this tough business.

*Admission to this class is by permission of the instructor.

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      Actors Sceneshop

The Actors SceneShop™ is an intermediate to advanced level course in scene study and analysis.

Most of the acting work American actors do starts with a written script. It therefore follows that actors must be able to read, interpret, and make acting choices that will serve the script with which they are working. That, after all, is the purpose of acting. Yet, many American actors never learn how to do these basic and essential things.

The first question that an actor must learn to ask is that same one the author asked as he was writing. And that question is, "what is going on here?" In other words, what is the action of the play or film…the scene…the beat…the moment?

Actors must learn to find the story in the script and then find ways to communicate that story to the audience. This is basic to any good acting…and that is what this course is all about.

*Admission to this class is by permission of the instructor.

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      Actors SoapShop™

Do you think you are right for daytime drama? Are you trained enough in camera technique and do you understand the playing styles required by the text? Then…
The Actors SoapShop is the class you’ve been waiting for.

New for the Summer 0f 2004 and full of step-by-step, nuts and bolts instruction, this workshop is an insightful study and guide into the wonderful world of acting in daytime television…all on Creative WorkShops' full three-camera system!

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     Audition Essentials©

Creative WorkShops
is pleased to announce the return of Audition Essentials© to our curriculum.

Now you can learn the do’s and don’ts for film, television, commercial and stage auditions from Master Media Coach, Stewart Solomon. You will work on what you need to bring to the table, focus, energy, strong and personal acting choices, differences between the audition situation and acting ... or is there?

The course is very hands-on and participatory for all who attend ... whether getting up to work or asking any and all questions to get the answers you need to know from an experienced resource. Enrollment for Audition Essentials© is limited to six students and early enrollment is highly advised.

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      Audition Skills for Film, TV & Commercials

Audition Skills for Film, TV & Commercials is an all-new course that will provide you with sound audition technique required of today's professional actor. Now you can become savvy with film, television and commercials audition techniques that will help you get the job! Plus, you will also learn phrasing copy, professional tips n' tricks, making strong choices...and more!

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      Basics of Singing

Now you can learn the beginning elements of singing...and no previous musical training is required!

This course is designed for less experienced singers who would like to experience their hidden musical potential or for those who feel that they want to improve an already budding talent.

All you need is a willingness to try new things and to support the others in the class as you embark on this exciting musical journey.

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      "Block" Buster™

Are you bogged down with limited definitions of self-expression? Well, now it's time to let go of those bothersome acting blocks and release those latent capabilities of genius!

"Block" Buster™ will kick your imagination into high gear while boosting your self-confidence and releasing the burdens of "actor's tension."

Presented by The Actors BodyShop™, this all new course is instructed by Miami's master artist, Darby Hayes. "Block" Buster™ will engage you in a dynamic blend of improvisation, dramatics, expressive movement, story telling and imagery that is especially designed to activate your extraordinary acting and creative potentials.

It's the perfect course to aid you in any type of performance training or for the career professional who needs to think and act creatively!

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      Business of Acting

Want to beat the competition? Then The Business of Acting is the class you’ve been waiting for.

Jam-packed full of useful information, this workshop will show you how to prepare a resume, market yourself as an actor, get the right agent, find your look…and more!

Film, television, commercials, industrials—it’s all here.

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      Combat 2004©

cutting edge training in the art of un-armed stage and film combat, it’s Combat 2004©. This all new course is a blending of traditional fighting techniques with new, high-tech training techniques specifically designed for the gutsy material in today's theatre, film, and TV dramas!

Learn punches, slaps, kicks as well as how to make your fight look real through full-body contact improv! This workshop is high energy, physically demanding, and perfect for the beginner as well as someone who has some basic stage combat experience.

Come prepared to create and sweat!

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      Combat for Film and Stage©

The Actors BodyShop™ is proud to present a special intensive edition of Combat For Film & Stage™.

In this action-packed class, you will learn how to take falls, kicks and to "sell" a fight...techniques on how to fight for the camera...and more!

A certified member of the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD), your instructor for this course is the University of Miami's Movement Specialist Bruce Lecure…one of the most respected in his field.

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      Cold Reading Skills

Want to beat the competition? Then let Cold Reading Skills be your guide! Jam-packed and full of useful information, this workshop will show you how to get the most out of your auditions, phrase copy, how to make those strong choices that will get you the job…and more! Film, television, commercials, industrials—it’s all here.

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      Creating Characters™

Creating Characters™ is a course designed to present you with effective tools and sound techniques that deal with the essential components of characterization.

Utilizing scripts and acting exercises, you will learn exciting techniques that will provide you with flexibility and choice in the achievement of any interpretation of a role.

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      The Creative Commercial WorkShop

Do you want to book more commercials? Then…The Creative Commercial WorkShop is the class for you.

Finally…a course that teaches you commercials as an acting craft! This on-camera class will guide you step-by-step from audition to final take. Learn commercial acting styles and audition techniques so you get the part!

Remember: "It's not the look that gets the's the look that can act!"

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     The Creative Film Actors WorkShop™ & The Basics of Screen Acting

Do you think you have what it takes to act for the screen? Are you trained enough in camera technique and do you understand the playing styles required by the script? The Creative Film Actors WorkShop™ is the class you've been waiting for.

Full of step-by-step, nuts and bolts instruction, this workshop is an insightful study into the wonderful world of acting in commercials, film and television.

The Creative Film Actors WorkShops™ is a student's dream come true! Consider the possibilities: Now you can learn true on camera technique...from the cinema to soap operas!

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     The Creative Monologue WorkShop

The Creative Monologue WorkShop is the ideal solution for the student who fears monologues...especially for auditions. For six intensive weeks, students survey monologue sources and selection, rehearsing and memorization, audition tips and presentation technique. No aspiring actor can afford not to do this course!  Enrollment for this class is very limited and early registration is highly advised.

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      How to Market Yourself as an Actor

If you are an actor in search of work, How To Market Yourself As An Actor will show you how you can market and sell yourself as a professional actor. Film, television, commercials,'s all here.

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      Improv For Commercials™

This is a new workshop that specializes in the basic improv skills you will need for commercials...and it’s all on-camera!

In her book Acting In Commercials, Joan See explains that in many commercial auditions, actors don’t get any information about the content of the script until they are in a room with the casting director. Then they are told whatever they need to know in order to create the scene. That is why these auditions can make you feel like one of those improvisation performers who takes ideas and suggestions from the audience and immediately uses them in a comedy sketch.

In many commercial auditions, there is no time to prepare. Your skills have to be razor sharp, and you must be able to create right in the moment. Improvisation offers you a way to practice working fast...a crucial skill if you want to succeed in commercial work. Enrollment is very limited for the event, so early registration is advised.

Remember:  Improv works wonders with all actors, but particularly actors in commercials!

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      Improv BootCamp & Improv Explosion™

Improv BootCamp™ and Improv Explosion!™ are intensive all day workshops that offer you the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the basic elements of improvisation through theater games and ensemble work.

Their rollicking pace makes them the perfect day to explore your hidden creative potential and learn the secrets of creating on the spot.

The classes are easy and they are fun!

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      The Improv PlayShop™

The Improv PlayShop™ is a workshop of fast-moving games and exercises structured to lead you playfully into building the skills that will enable you to improvise on the spot.

The course is challenging for experienced actors and yet, the clear-cut and simple step-by-step approach allows beginners to join fully right from the start.

Remember this bottom line:

If you want to act on stage or in film (especially in commercials), you must know how to improvise!

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In The MimeShop™ you will study the fundamentals of pantomime and how it can shape the expression and experience of the character.

The class is instructed by Master Artist (and student of Marcel Marceau), Darby Hayes.

In it, you will learn how to create illusions of objects and environments. Students will also learn how to use suspension and qualities of movement for creating dimension and visual realism.

Training in pantomime is an invaluable tool for the actor...especially for film.

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       The Monologue Boot Camp

Every actor needs monologues prepared to dazzle and amaze at a moments notice. The Monologue Boot Camp© class will help you prepare an appropriate, solid monologue, and get it into shape for any audition situation. You’ll work with the rare combination of master acting teacher, stage director/coach and Broadway casting director in one...Kevin Kennison...and have the opportunity to build on feedback and notes as you work in each session.  One memorized monologue (1 - 2 minutes) required for the first class. During the last session, each student's monologue will be taped and given a copy for their own review.   

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     Movement With Style©

Movement With Style
© will focus on an introduction to the style of behaving in another time period, another world!  Actors will study the proper way to walk, sit, stand, bow, and gesture within the style of Shakespeare's time (16th Century), as well as the time of the Comedy of Manners (18th Century). If you want to play a classical character, you must know the world in which they lived! Corsets will be provided for the women. This workshop is a must for any serious actor!   

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      Movement for Actors™

The Actors BodyShop™ is pleased to announce the return this year of Movement for Actors.

Actions always speak louder than words. The success of any performance hinges on this premise. Learn how to access non-verbal actions for powerful camera or stage performances as you study the fundamentals of body language and how it can shape the expression and experience of the character.

This training also focuses on the actor's bodily awareness and physical style.

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      The Power of Mask©

The Power of Mask© is another new course from The Actors BodyShop©.

Required in most professional acting schools, we are the first and only private acting studio in South Florida to offer a class in mask work for actors to the general public.

Using actual masks, you will truly feel that you have permission to explore sides of your personality that you don't often allow yourself to use in your acting. In other words, mask work gives you freedom to express feelings, to communicate, and to challenge your creative "boundaries." Plus, it's fun!

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      Private Coaching

Private Coaching
for acting or speech is also available at the studio in Aventura. Only a very limited number of private students are accepted, so a time that is convenient for you should be arranged well in advance.

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The ScriptShop™…Writing For Film & TV. Have you ever sat through a really bad movie or surfed the tube in search of something...anything...that is worth watching for more than fifteen consecutive seconds? Of course you have. More times than you care to remember.

And have you also at the end of these painful gut-wrenching experiences walked out of the movie theater or thrown down the TV's remote-control mumbling, "I could write better than that!"

If so, put a pencil in your pocket and a notebook in your hand and join us for The ScriptShop™.

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      Speech & Diction

Speech & Diction will start you vocally on the road to communicate quickly and effectively and help reduce regional accents and faulty pronunciation.

The speech classes are not limited to those in the entertainment field. Attorneys, doctors, salespersons and therapists have all found this course useful in their professions.

So, don't be vocally typed. Remember that first impressions count...especially how you sound to others!

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      The TelePrompter Reading WorkShop™


The Teleprompter Reading WorkShop™ will teach you how to read from a teleprompter like a pro. Learn how the professionals get it right the first time. Gain the confidence you need for that all important audition and performance! Practice your on-screen presence so you get the job!

This class will also offer basic "do's and dont's" for reading from a prompter, including cold-reads and practical tips for making you "golden" with any director!

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      Voice & Movement

The Actors BodyShop™ will present an all new version of The Power of Movement instructed by Miami's master artist, Darby Hayes.

This intensive course is designed to introduce you to specific techniques that will add flexibility and suppleness to your body movement and voice. This will leave you free to concentrate on the task of building a character.

At the end of the course, in order to help you develop a personalized program, your movement skills be evaluated in relation to professional acceptability.

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      The VoiceOverShop™

The VoiceOverShop™ offers sound technical guidance and training for the actor and non-actor alike.

This unique course is a must for anyone interested in entering the field of voice-overs. Students will receive a course pack containing over 170 pages of invaluable classes are held at a professional recording studio.

Now's your chance to explore your career in this lucrative but, until now, little-understood business.

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      ...In Spanish Series™

The …In Spanish Series™ is taught on our three-camera system by our newest faculty member, Univision Television Network Senior Producer, Lorenzo Dunoyer.

If Spanish is your first or second language, take advantage of these unique classes and become a part of South Florida's expanding Latin American film and television market.

Our growing list of …In Spanish Series™ workshops include: Acting for Commercials, Acting For Film & TV and The SoapShop™

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